Words/Pictures by Daniel Farrell


Traversing the pothole ladened track between the arches of Hackney Central Station and Perfect Chicken (a most delectable of chicken spots one must add), a low hum of bass and chatter meets the eardrums. The 10th of November 2021 saw Hackney Social Club play host to a bundle of artists excelling in the underground scene, both here and in the US: jaydonclover, dylantheinfamous, Obijuan and YUNGMORPHEUS. With beers poured n piffs burnt, it felt like a real treat was on the horizon for the 80 or so people that got tickets.


As more and more people gathered in the fenced smoking area out the front, associated acts were recognised and excitement began to further build. A brief encounter with Obijuan followed. 

“Ayo i’m up at 8:30”

The smoking area quickly emptied as the archway filled, with a rumble of trains above only adding to the ambience. A dim lit stage emblazoned with projections of cityscapes and of eras of old holds everyone’s gaze.


Dressed fresh as ever in a Pirate embroidered fitted hat accompanied with bandana and the brown Wallabees, the Bahamian born internationally based artist advised people to gather at the front of the stage. His ability to craft lyrics has been well documented by ourselves, and he really wanted people to be as involved with his set as possible.

obijuan & dylanthefinamous


 Dylantheinfamous, clad in a hooded CP Company jacket zipped to the chin, began to orchestrate the show. The pair would go on to exchange looks during and between tracks, as if acknowledging their passion and journey together on so many projects. This is what it’s about for them.   

With the microphone wires clutched in his right palm, a combination of unreleased and quintessential Obijuan was met with a unison of bobbing heads and gun fingers. Westside Gun inspired ‘GRRRRSSS’ echoed through the opening tracks, as the crowd became entranced by Obijuan’s ability. With a little pause between each track, the showmanship begins.

“Who can rap like that, WHO? Name me one other n***a who can rap like that right now, I’ll give you a thousand dollars”

The room fell silent.


Obijuan’s continual show of respect for YUNGMORPHEUS is noticeable throughout his performance, as he makes mention of all the production work he’s assisted with. After 25/30 minutes of music, Obijuan calls for YUNGMORPHEUS from the back of the venue; He ambles up to the stage with a little jog – A grin on his face and a spliff in his hand, the pair perform a reggae-influenced beat which is subsequently wheeled up before the first bars are even spat; An absolute testament to the production. 


Being his first UK show, you could safely assume some nerves would’ve been knocking about the head of Morpheus. These nerves were quickly banished, as he pulled a lighter to his chops, sparking a spliff several inches long. The clouds grew from his face, from which a wry smile emerged. At this point, he turned and began pressing buttons on the decks. When the first beat came in, he looked skyward with his arms raised in similar fashion, as though he was being led by spirit. Obijuan can be seen rolling something in the wing, whilst nodding his head and raising his arms in a show of support. 



For those unfamiliar with YUNGMORPHEUS, he has an innate ability to combine the humorous and the personal. Tales of his father’s incarceration are marred with bars about women, money and a life being well-lived. 

As the set continues, YUNGMORPHEUS begins to induce the audience with his smooth production and silky rhyme schemes. It’s no wonder he and Obijuan have collaborated and will continue to collaborate; A unique blend of traditional hip/hop combines with doubling flows and gritty production, they’re really onto something. As the crowd bopped and gun-fingered to YUNGMORPHEUS’ set, it was soon over. 





Obijuan scrambled a bag from the stage and started launching a few vinyls into the crowd. Subsequently the merch stand gathered attention as Obijuan obligingly signed a few copies.

As first time’s go, YUNGMORPHEUS killed it, and with Obijuan’s relocation to the English capital, we can safely assume these types of shows will be happening more frequently. 

We wanted to apologise for not being able to make dylantheinfamous’ set and jaydonclover’s support. We’ll be actively pursuing a convo with both these artists soon, and aim to attend their shows in the coming months. We can safely assume they both smoked it though!

Finally, a huge shout out to Bad Taste, Super Mega Bookings and Boom Bap for making this happen.